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3008 Holly Springs Pkwy
Holly Springs, GA, 30115
United States


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Whatcha Doin' Mama? The BLOG

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October Give A Way: LODGE Cast Iron Sportsman's Grill

sherri evans

Happy Wednesday!!!

We are so excited to be giving away this LODGE Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill!!!  We keep hearing that it’s going to be a bad winter this year and this little cutie is so portable you can even use it in your working fireplace if the power goes out so you can still feed the tummies!  We’ve had our eye on one of these for quite some time now.  The reviews are great and Mama Sweet and Company even purchased one for our staff to use here at the shop.  We have created a Pinterest Board dedicated to it so we can share recipes and tips.  MSRP on this is $145.00 but you can find them on sale for as low as $90.00 online (excuse me…$89.99) but we lucked up at the LODGE Factory Store in the Sevierville / Pigeon Forge, TN area for $80.00 (excuse me….$79.99).


Special Thank You to Josh, James and Brad at the Lodge Factory Store located at 105 Knife Works Lane #2 in Sevierville, TN  37876  - Ph # 865-429-1713.  These guys were so helpful and they even stayed late to wait on me to get there so we could make this purchase – now that is what I call SWEET!


Drawing will be held October 31st 2014 at the Meet and Greet Trick or Treat at Mama Sweet at 6pm

There will be several opportunities to enter to win.  Comment below on this blog post for 1 entry 

Event Rentals Showroom Grand Opening!

sherri evans

It's time.  We are excited AND nervous AND have been working our tails off to get ready for Saturday, March 1, 2014.....and it is almost here!  The Grand Opening of our 2500 square foot Rentals Showroom for Events / Photo Shoots / Theater and Video Production.   (check out our Rental Gallery tab to see some of what we will have in the showroom).  YOU are invited SO, PLEASE COME SEE US on that day  10am - 5pm

Call if you have questions at 404-382-5678

Mama Sweet and Company

3008 Holly Springs Parkway

Canton, GA  30115

It's all coming together.....

sherri evans

We've all been're working and trying so hard but things don't come together as fast as you want them to.  At this point, we're just thankful things are coming together.  Soooooooo it's taken us a bit longer to get to this point....I think it just makes us all the more thankful.  The Lord has been so good to us - taking care of us all along.  Oh, we've done our part (picked up our shovel if  you will) - working long hours, giving it our best and sharing the gifts we have been given.  To be honest - we're tired.  We're even taking a little bit of Sweet time off to spend with our families as we're winding down the 2013 year.  It's been full of gentle lessons and it has also been preparing us for the excitement of what lies ahead in 2014.  Yeppers,  it's going to get crazy......What can you expect from us here at Mama Sweet and Company in 2014?

  • OUR GRAND OPENING with a huge GRAND GIVEAWAY!!!  You WILL want to stay tuned to hear about this one and how to participate
  • A full functioning website to inspire you and excite you with beautiful pictures of rentals for YOUR special event
  • Tutorials on how to make STUFF, WONDERFUL STUFF for YOURself, YOUR home, YOUR event, someone YOU love
  • Our newly remodeled 2500 square foot showroom will be open
  • Our newly remodeled 130 square foot showroom for Dishes will be open
  • And oh yeah, for all that know us and have been to visit with us, our SIGNAGE will be up on our building and beside the road so you'll actually know when you've reached destination Mama Sweet and Company lol :)

Thank you for checking us out on Facebook as we have been starting this new venture.  Thank you to all of the family, old friends and brand new friends who have supported us with your visits, phone calls, giving of your time to help us, facebook likes and shares - it has meant sooo much <3  (we know who you are ;)


Mama Sweet and Company...."what do they do?"

sherri evans

Good question.  Mama Sweet and Company is 2 sisters making a long time dream a reality.  "Mama Sweet" is the nickname of sister, Judy (Davis-Godfrey) and the "and Company" refers to sister, Sherri (Davis-Evans) and whomever else joins in on the ride.  We needed a name for our company and we loved the feel of it - so we did it.

So "what do we do?"  Rule #1 - Do what we love!

Mama Sweet and Company The Boutique

We wanted to have a "store" for a long long time where we could have things that we love available for others to purchase, take home and love as well.   Things like brand new stuff (clothing, jewelry, home decor, art), old stuff (vintage and antique), upcycled stuff (it's where we take 1 or more existing things and make something different out of it that serves another purpose - it's like recycling, "diy", art and design all combined) and we make some stuff from scratch.  We come from a metal fabrication background so the candelabras, candle chandeliers, horseshoe art / decor and much more metal and wood stuff have been designed and made right here.

Mama Sweet and Company The Rentals

We LOVE the rentals.  It's a long story but the short of it is - Mama Sweet and Company has a LARGE inventory of unique rentals for events and we offer decorating services too.   Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, Showers, Birthdays, Holidays, Retirement parties, Photo Shoots, Theater / Plays, Bon Fires, Family Gatherings,  Tea get the idea.  We were thrilled to be a part of 40+ very special events in the past 7 months.

Mama Sweet and Company wants to be a place in the community where people come and feel welcome and at home.    We're glad you've found the blog and hope you'll be visiting our page often or better yet, come see us.